Super Makler!!!

Immosmart GmbH helped me buy a house in Germany. The real estate agent's name is Frau Doreen Hesse. I have never met a more professional, understanding, and warmhearted person. From the first phone call until the signing of the contract, she took care of every single detail in order make this buying experience very smooth. She responded quickly to all phone calls and emails, answered all questions, and met with us several times in order to explain all aspects. Doreen also communicated directly with our financial adviser to make sure everything is clarified. She is now facilitating our communication with the buyer, and I have no doubt she will continue to support us until we receive the house keys. After signing the contract, she took us and the seller to a gorgeous coffee shop where we had a quick celebration. I cannot thank Doreen enough for all the compassion she has shown, and continues to show. I am truly speechless. Doreen is no longer a real estate agent to us, she is a friend. I highly recommend Doreen if you are planning to buy (or sell) a house. I am 110% confident that you will not regret it. Thank you Doreen! !!

— Ali A.

089 41 41 88 800 Anfahrt